LeBron James Quoted The Great Aaron Rodgers, Told People To Relax

by 4 years ago

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are 1-3. Some are talking like the sky is falling. But not James himself. No, he’s turning to the great Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for guidance. And sharing such wisdom with the always adoring public.


Considering the always rational opinions surrounding James’ existence, I really doubt this tweet will be a big deal. The guy faces hardly any criticism even when he’s struggling. Expectations are always low and he’s always given the benefit of the doubt.

In short, he leads a charmed, kid-glove existence.

Those five letters, and the pure irrelevance of the NBA regular season aside, the Cavs look … bad. And not only bad, they look indifferent — which is terrible thing to be four games into the season.

But hey, if LeBron says relax, I relax.


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