LeBron James Finally Reveals Why He Never Did The Dunk Contest, Fans Don’t Believe Him

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LeBron James has finally revealed why he never participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and fans aren’t exactly buying his excuse.

20 NBA seasons have come and gone since LeBron James entered the league in 2003. Which means he has had 20 chances to do what NBA fans have been wanting since day one and that is for him to be in the annual Dunk Contest on All-Star Game Weekend.

There is no doubt, especially during the first half of his illustrious career that he would have done very well.

He said he would compete in 2010, but he didn’t and by 2012 LeBron had ruled it out completely, claiming he was “too old” at the age of 28.

James has even been blamed for “ruining” the Dunk Contest by not participating.

“There is one blemish that should be on LeBron James’ career — he has ruined the Slam Dunk Contest. He is personally responsible,” Stephen A. Smith said in February. “That’s right, I’m saying it. … LeBron James, who loves doing slam dunk shows on the layup line, who didn’t mind throwing down a few dunks (during the All-Star Game), has never participated in the Slam Dunk Contest.

“Since he made that decision, we’ve seen year after year after year the dissipation of stars participating in the Slam Dunk Contest.”

It has always been a bit of a mystery as to why he wouldn’t compete, but on Monday, that very reason why was finally revealed by LeBron James himself.

Speaking to Bally Sports about why he never wanted to participate in the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest, James said (via Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson), “I don’t think it was something I wanted to accomplish in my career; it’s not a goal of mine and it never was coming into the NBA to be a part of the Dunk Contest, you know?

“Making the NBA All-Star Team was, being the league MVP, winning Defensive Player of the Year, winning NBA Championships…? THOSE were some goals of mine. The NBA Dunk Contest was NEVER a goal of mine so, it wasn’t something that I had too much passion for.”

Many NBA fans, as they often do when it comes to LeBron James, called cap.

“He is the goat of this generation, but he sounds like he just didn’t want to lose in Dunk Contest in my opinion!” another fan tweeted.

“The man got on live TV and said he was doing it lol,” another fan added.” He just didn’t want to potentially lose. He ducked that smoke.”

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