LeBron James Accused Of Using PEDs By Former UFC Fighter ‘We Have The Same Drug Guy’

Lebron James running on the court

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Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen is making some serious accusations against NBA star LeBron James.

Sonnen, who was busted using PEDs during his time with the UFC, went on the Flagrant podcast and claims LeBron uses “EPO.”

According to Sonnen, he and LeBron have the same “drug guy.”

“If the world understood what LeBron did, like other basketball players will hear what Lebron does and go, ‘Oh, but that doesn’t matter.’ If you knew what these performance enhancers did, then you would know why it does matter,”

“We have the same drug guy, I know exactly what he’s doing. EPO matters, it’s the reason LeBron takes it. It matters. EPO increases your red blood cells, which gives you endurance so you can play all game long. You can shoot in the fourth quarter just like you shot in the first quarter. It is the king of performance enhancers.”

Here’s the clip of Sonnen calling out LeBron.

Just last week, Sonnen accused Jon Jones of using PEDs during their UFC 159 fight in 2013.

“I had more juice than Tropicana and he pushed me around like a Mack truck versus a Volvo. As soon as we locked up with each other, as he’s pushing me backward before he comes with his big spinning elbow, I remember thinking, ‘I know your secret because I got the same one.”

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