Watch LeBron Surprise A Family By Showing Up At Their House And Giving Them $1.3 Million

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The Wall

Did Alex Trebek ever show up at Ken Jennings’ house and surprise him with his winnings? Nah. Has Steve Harvey even braved the cold to deliver a cash prize to a “Family Feud” contestant’s house? Nope. That’s why this new game show called “The Wall” has some promise.

“The Wall” is a new game show which has an executive producer by the name of LeBron James. Ever heard of him? LeBron just doesn’t have his name in the credits, he partakes in the action. In the promotional video, the NBA legend hand-delivers the cash prize of $1.3 million to a family. As if winning all that cash wasn’t enough, you also get to have LeBron fucking James in your house? Hope you cleaned the bathroom recently and pray there are no shit stains from Uncle Jimbo on the toilet with King James in the building.

“The Wall” is set to premiere in January.

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