Save This Video Of Skiers Wearing LED Light Suits And Shredding Up A Mountain For The Next Time You Drop Acid

by 3 years ago


I have so many conflicting emotions after watching this video. For starters, now I wish I could ski. I hate snow, I hate the cold and I hate wind in my face, but goddamn if I don’t want to go skiing right now. As for that rave-y music in the background? Great, NOW I want to go roll face at a show somewhere but nOoOOoOo, it’s only TUESDAY and nothing decent happens show-wise until the weekend.

And dammit if I don’t wish I had a bag full of acid tabs in my back pocket right now so that I could sit here and watch this again while tripping. I’m wearing leggings right now; I don’t even technically HAVE pockets.

Today blows, thanks a lot guys.

[H/T MTV News]

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