‘Lennay Kekua’ Also Claimed to Be Dating Mark Sanchez

In addition to exposing Manti Te’o as the world’s dumbest person, the faux online person reportedly duped Tessi Tolutau, who EVERYONE knows was crowned Miss South Pacific in 2007. What a monster.

“We would chat back and forth,” said Tolutau, who hails from the same small Hawaiian beach town as Te’o.

“She explained to me that she played basketball at Stanford, that she was a Victoria’s Secret model, that she was dating somebody from Stanford. She even said she was dating [Jets quarterback] Mark Sanchez.”

To be fair, Sanchize has dated practically every famous woman on the planet, so this backstory actually seems believable.

As we learn more about Ronnie Tuiasosopo and his intricate web of lies, we’re left to wonder how the fuck this guy had time to do all of this. Personally, I’m too lazy to even update my Facebook status anymore.

You’ve got to appreciate his dedication – even if it was not exactly a constructive endeavor. Incredible perseverance.

[H/T: New York Post]