Former MLB All-Star Lenny Dykstra Says That He Used To ‘Put (HGH) In My Cereal’

Lenny Dykstra

Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra has long been open and honest about his reliance on HGH throughout his playing career, and the three-time All-Star spilled even more info on Colin Cowherd’s radio show the other day, telling the host how he used to put the shit on his cereal each morning.

Per The Score:

“I put (HGH) in my cereal man. It was in my cereal,” Dykstra said. “We’re talking about the good stuff … We’re talking about the difference of making $30 million or getting a real job and working and making $60,000. What, do you want the guy next to you taking them and you’re not going to take them?”

Here’s a portion of Lenny’s interview with Cowherd.

While it may seem crazy for a former ballplayer to admit something so candidly, Dykstra has been a bit of a different animal, having no shame in ruining his legacy in the past. Just look at what he told former Forbes magazine bureau chief Randall Lane during a 2010 interview on the topic, per The Score:

“You gotta understand, there were only 28 people who had my job in the whole world,” Dykstra told Lane. “And thousands of people wanted those jobs, and every year, there were guys trying to take my job.

“So I needed to do anything I could to protect my job, take care of my family. Do you have any idea how much money was at stake? Do you?”

It’s a dog eat dog world in pro sports, so it’s kind of sad to see Dykstra admit just how competitive he was in order to maintain the job.

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