Lenny Dykstra’s Still Hitting Bombs, Tells Howard Stern Ladies Are Paying Him To Do The Dirty



Lenny Dykstra, you dirty dog, you!

The former three-time MLB All-Star joined Howard Stern on SiriusXM and told the host that he’s got a nice little side business going on for himself—which may or may not include getting paid by ladies for him to give them “companionship.”

Per TMZ Sports:

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Dykstra, who was asked if he would ever bang a lady his own age—which is 53—responded to Stern by saying, “If they paid me.” The floodgates were open from there, as the former ballplayer talked about how he has a list of ladies with whom he still, ahem, swings his stick for.

Lenny Dykstra, bros, still slammin’ homers!

[H/T TMZ Sports]