Disrespected LFL Coach Goes Bonkers In Profanity-Laced Locker Room Rant With His Team Down 38-0 At Halftime, Loses Game 66-0

lfl omaha heart coach tony doremus halftime locker room meltdown

Remember we showed you the post-game speech that Omaha Heart head coach Tony Doremus gave after a 77-0 loss to the Atlanta Steam in the formerly lingerie-laden Legends Football League (LFL)? My dude’s trying to rally the troops and one of his players is sexting right in his grill. You can see all his hope and pride drain from his face. Well, Doremus is back and he’s cranked the intensity dial to 100 in this video from the locker room at halftime of the Heart’s game against the Chicago Bliss in which they were losing 38-0…

Here’s the video description:

“Coming off a 77-0 loss to the Atlanta Steam and being down 38 to 0 at halftime vs Chicago Bliss, Omaha Heart head coach Tony Doremus finally had enough. Holding a broken chair that was smashed against the wall, coach Doremus can be heard continuing to rant as cameras were kicked-off out of the locker-room.”

“This is not… how we play f***in’ football!” Duh, Coach. You’re not supposed to play football in your bra and panties. The Heart would go on to lose 66-0, dropping their record to 1-2. Omaha has scored all of their 26 total points for the season in their one win. They’ve given up the second most points in the league behind the Austin Acoustic. The Acoustic… that’s intimidating af.

Starting Heart QB Lindsey Howell has thrown four interceptions against zero touchdowns and Omaha’s leading rusher Kayleen Colson has 13 yards on three carries. Can I just throw this out there? These players make next to nothing while running around in their underwear and this guy is acting like he’s dealing with overpaid primadonnas and divas who’ve forgot what football is all about. I mean, he took over a team that was 0-6 and lost by a margin of 52 points last season. Baby steps, brah.

Taking a look at Doremus’ LinkedIn profile, he didn’t have any previous coaching experience, but did handle sales and marketing for an indoor football team in Iowa. So far, he’s sold us on how emotional LFL can be.