LFL Coach Tries To Rally The Troops After Team Gets Throttled 77-0, Player Shows Ultimate Sign Of Disrespect

After the Atlanta Steam took a giant steamer on the heads of the Omaha Heart by a laughable score of 77-0 and your players are more concerned with choosing a proper Instagram filter than righting a sinking ship, where do you turn if your Head Coach Tony Doremus? You’ve spent countless hours studying game film and getting your girls prepared for a proper massacre, and your team ignores you like a Candy Crush invitation. Coach Dormemus isn’t getting paid enough for this treatment. Or at all. Not sure what the LFL payroll is looking like.


Jesus, that may be the most demoralizing, emasculating thing a player can do to a coach.

Oh wait.

lebron 2

Oh that’s right.


P.S. How badly is Coach Doremus regretting doing the whole ball-over-the-head power move he learned from the movies?

lfl coach 2

Coach needs to bring in a franchise player. I got just the girl.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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