Lightning’s Pat Maroon Gets Classy Revenge On Bruins Announcer That Fat Shamed Him

Tampa Bay Lightning Amalie Arena

Cass Anderson / BroBible

Tampa Bay Lightning’s Pat Maroon aka ‘Big Rig’ is the only NHL player since 1983 to win three Stanley Cups in a row. He is one of the most beloved players in Tampa Bay and one of the most well-respected players in the league.

NESN’s Jack Edwards didn’t seem to let any of that get in the way while fat-shaming Pat Maroon during Tuesday’s 3-1 win over the Lightning to move to 13-0-0 at home this season. In the first period, Jack Edward started talking about Big Rig’s weight and then started ranting about Maroon being overweight.

Here’s the clip (YouTube and Twitter):


The full quotes from Jack Edwards are:

“Listed 238 pounds… That was Day 1 of Training Camp but I gotta feeling he’s had a few more pizzas between then and now. (That’s before pre-game) … (laughing) Fasting! Inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like 4 hours without a meal. Hey, 3 Cups in a row! Who can argue with his formula.”

Once again, Pat Maroon is the ONLY 3-time Stanley Cup winner who isn’t AARP eligible. He’s in my top 5 favorites on my Tampa Bay Lightning. I was there when they hoisted their most recent Stanley Cup 2 years ago. It was ELECTRIC.

Since Pat Maroon is all class he responded in the classiest way possible: by donating money to charity for those who are bullied and fat-shamed. Pat also invited others to donate along with him:

Did I donate? I sure did. $20 seemed like a perfectly petty amount for a move like this. No

Some of the responses to Pat Maroon’s tweet clapping back at NESN’s Jack Edwards are pretty good:

Pat Maroon got the last laugh after the Lightning loss to the Bruins. Meanwhile, Boston is undefeated at home this season and 19-3-0 overall. It’s eerily reminiscent of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s President’s Trophy-winning season a few years ago so we fully expect the Bruins to get swept in the 1st Round of the Playoffs this year.