Lincoln Riley Makes His Most Definitive Statement About LSU Job After Ruthless Trolling By Oklahoma State

Lincoln Riley LSU Rumors Oklahoma State Trolling Calling Baton Rouge

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  • With LSU rumors circling, Lincoln Riley got ruthlessly trolled by Oklahoma State during Saturday’s Bedlam Series.
  • After the game, Riley offered his most definitive statement yet about the chatter.
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As the coaching carousel continues to spin in Baton Rouge, one name in particular is being thrown around a lot. Ever since LSU announced that it was parting ways with Ed Orgeron, Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley has been linked to the opening.

Earlier this month, Riley missed a scheduled news conference and his weekly radio show without providing an explanation. It immediately set off rumors that he was off interviewing with LSU.

And then, on the same day that Riley missed his appearances, a notable flight was discovered from Norman to Baton Rouge.

Riley was at practice that day, so it was unlikely to be him, but the chatter continued anyway. And then, late last week, an interesting group of people with strong ties to LSU followed the Oklahoma head coach on Twitter. Among them was the university’s basketball and baseball coaches.

The rumors are plentiful, and the general consensus (even though it is all speculation until it is official) is that Riley is headed to LSU.

Meanwhile, Riley is taking the classic approach to the coaching rumors. He is denying any connection to the Tigers and continues to say that his allegiance lies with the Sooners.

That did not stop Oklahoma State from trolling him into oblivion.

During Saturday night’s rivalry game in Stillwater, the team blasted ‘Calling Baton Rouge’ over the loud speakers. It is a song with strong ties to LSU for obvious reasons.

The troll was subtle, but savagely brilliant.

After the game, which Oklahoma lost, Riley was asked about the idea of donning purple and gold. He made his most definitive statement regarding the rumors yet.

During his postgame press conference, Riley cut off a report who asked about the LSU reports and said emphatically, “Let me stop you right there. I’m not gonna be the next coach at LSU. Next question.”

Technically, Riley is not lying. Orgeron is not coaching the bowl game if the Tigers are chosen and the team’s offensive line coach will be the interim.

That means that Riley will not be the next coach at LSU. He could still very well be the next next coach and get hired after OU’s season comes to a close.