Foul-Mouthed Little Kid Verbally Assaults The New York Mets After Humiliating 23-5 Loss

by 1 year ago

Hey Mets, it’s in your best interest not to lose another game the entire season or this little fucker may come at you like a spider monkey and throw all your war medals over the bridge with Grandpa Chip’s. Just a suggestion to avoid a verbal assassination from a third grader. Young kids are wimpy and stupid but they are killers of self-esteem. You have a huge pimple? Violate your parole and show up to middle school recess and before you can say ‘Grown ass man shows up to a middle school in a windowless van,” the whole school will be calling you Crater Face. Young kids have yet to develop decorum and their brutal honesty can cut to the core and leave you crying in the shower for 11 days. So this little whipper snapper may be politically incorrect, but he ain’t wrong when he eviscerates his team for a humiliating 23-5 loss to the Nationals. Wake up call. Smart money’s on the Mets to win the World Series this year.

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