4-Year-Old Softball Slugger Goes Viral For Valiant Attempt At Epic Bat Flip That Lands On Her Head


  • Sports are more fun when emotion and passion is involved.
  • That was certainly the case in this viral video of a young softball player.
  • Her bat flip was almost epic, but it resulted in an accidental fail that couldn’t be funnier.

It’s a good thing that this young softball slugger was wearing a helmet. Her viral moment might not be as funny if she wasn’t.

In the modern day of softball and baseball, there is a movement toward playing loud. Bat flips are encouraged, smack talk is no longer taboo, and passion is at the forefront of both sports.

As they try to grow the game, having fun is at the forefront. And that emphasis on enjoying every moment is being felt all the way down to the tee ball level.

A viral TikTok video that is making its rounds on the internet is the perfect example. Even if it wasn’t necessarily on purpose.

In the video, a four-year-old girl from somewhere in the south gets a base knock up the middle. As she takes off down to first base, she continues to hold the bat.

Eventually, after some encouragement to drop the bat, she decides to let it loose. Whether intentionally or not, she attempts an epic bat flip and launches it into the air.

And that’s where the helmet comes in. The bat flies up and comes right down on top of her head.

The entire moment is incredible from start-to-finish, and fortunately, the young slugger is okay. She wasn’t even phased by the bat because she’s built different.