Little League Legend Savagely Somersaults Down 3rd Base Line To Score Run In Championship Game


Jasper Troy Myers is a Little league legend. The young slugger recently went viral on TikTok for his incredible in-game antics and is everything that is great about sports— he has a lot of fun and puts a smile on the faces of everyone around him.

Before we look at Jasper’s savagery, take some time to get to know the Jas Man.

Although he may look like a picture-perfect child (because he is), his mother says that she and his father “never know what to expect out of him” and that he “loves to make people smile.” Well, both of those notions were on full display in a recent little league game.

Jasper, who was on third, represented a crucial run in what the video says is a “tournament for championship.” Once his teammate made contact and squirted one through the infield, it was smooth sailing for Jasper to score if he just ran straight home.

However, he decided to take a different approach. Jasper proceeded to somersault down the entire third base line on his way to the dish.

Meanwhile, in the video, you can hear the fans (probably his mom) yelling for Jasper to stop rolling head over heels and run. His coaches even tried to encourage him to stand on his two feet and scurry home.

Jasper did not listen. He somersaulted pretty much into the batter’s box as his opponents quickly scrambled to get him out.

MOMENTS before the opposing catcher got the ball and ran to tag him out at the plate, Jasper stood up, crossed the plate and scored.


He’s so entertaining to watch! Coaches were begging him to run. #fyp #tball #lucky #SmellLikeIrishSpring #funny #foryou #fyp

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To make things even better, Jasper ran back to his dugout with a huge smile on his face like the total boss that he is. What a legend!