LIV Golf Reveals Massive Economic Impact On Host Cities

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Hot off the heels of Dustin Johnson’s (-17) playoff win over fellow Major champion Cameron Smith at the LIV Golf Tulsa Invitational, the company released the findings of an economic impact study. With over 40,000 fans in attendance on the weekend it was also LIV’s largest event in the US so far.

It is an interesting announcement from LIV Golf, which in the past has primarily focused on the achievements of its talented roster. With this press release, LIV is touting off-the-course benefits created by the upstart golf tour in its sophomore season.

In the press release, LIV Golf says its six events in the United States so far this year have brought in “more than $200 million in direct investment.”

It goes on to break down those numbers from the study conducted by Vision Insights. Forecasting off 2022 and current numbers, LIV says the ‘independent analysis’ found:

“Research shows that 31% of attendees at LIV Golf’s 2022 U.S. tournaments traveled from outside the tournament host city to attend, yielding a total of 37,220 hotel room nights booked and an estimated $9.4 million in lodging across five U.S. events. For the eight U.S. events in the 2023 season, LIV Golf’s lodging impact will be 61,595 room nights for a total of $15.5 million in lodging.”

The analysis goes on to say “LIV Golf tournaments also contribute millions of dollars to state and local tax revenue, yielding more than $6 million in tax revenue across five U.S. markets in the 2022 season and more than $9 million across eight U.S. markets in the 2023 season, according to Vision Insights.

$15.5 million on lodging and $9 million in tax revenue is impressive but it’s unclear how those numbers jump up to “more than $200 million in direct investment, economic productivity and media exposure to U.S. communities.”

LIV Golf’s CEO, Greg Norman, added that “the direct investments LIV Golf makes, combined with the economic impact and international exposure from fans attending our world-class golf tournaments, helps lift up local economies, small businesses, and municipal and state governments.

Norman went on to say that LIV’s mission “is centered on holistic and sustainable investments and it’s clear that LIV’s commitment to relationships with local partners has built a strong foundation for the future.

Despite all of that, LIV Golf got shafted on TV. It airs on the CW Network, which opted to not show the Dustin Johnson vs. Cameron Smith playoff and instead chose to play reruns and infomercials on TV.

After Dustin Johnson and Stinger GC’s win in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the LIV Golf tour now moves to the Trump National Golf Club in Washington, DC over Labor Day weekend.

Dustin Johnson‘s 4Aces have a commanding lead in the LIV standings with 120 points after 6 of the 14 events. Louis Oosthuizen’s Stinger GC trails with 84 points followed by Bubba Watson’s Range Goats with 75 points.

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