Logan Paul Teases Huge Fight Announcement Leading To Speculation From UFC Fans

Logan Paul announcement

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Logan Paul teased a big announcement this week and tagged UFC President Dana White.

The video announcement from Logan Paul featured mashed-up boxing and UFC clips. It includes Joe Rogan praising Logan Paul for ‘actually knowing how to fight’ and Logan himself talking about fighting a UFC fighter.

This teaser led to rampant speculation on what this big announcement could be from Logan Paul that has to do with the UFC.

UFC fans quickly flooded Logan’s replies. Some speculated that it was a publicity stunt. Others pointed out it is likely announcing a deal between KSI and Logan’s Prime drink.

One person joked that Jake Paul beating up a cashier at Burger King would be like Michael Jordan winning another trophy, whatever that means.

Dana Whtie can be seen sipping on Prime here. The Logan Paul x UFC connection is firming up:

Logan Paul is with WWE, not the UFC. It is HIGHLY unlikely this is a fight announcment:

Not going to happen:

I have to say that I’m impressed by the number of Twitter Blue subscribers in Logan Paul’s mentions about the UFC. His ratio of followers subscribing to Twitter Blue might be higher than anywhere else I’ve seen on Twitter.

One person replied “Logan Paul vs Hasbulla, UFC International fight week. Let’s go!” That might be the funniest possible outcome in this Logan Paul x UFC announcement.

Logan Paul’s Brother Jake On Being Banned From UFC Events

While KSI and Logan Paul appear poised to partner with the UFC, Jake Paul remains unofficially banned from UFC events.

Jake discussed this last October.

Jake Paul: “I’m banned from UFC events…”

Israel Adesanya: “Why? What’d you do? What’d you do…”

Jake Paul: “Dana (White) banned me. Dana banned me after they were all yelling “f–k Jake Paul” in the stadium and then I tried to go to a different fight and all of our tickets were declined. And then his (Dana White’s) assistant was like ‘get the f–k out of here, get the f–k out of here’ and then escorted me out of the event.”

“And then Dana White’s son, I didn’t know who it was at the time, he’s like “I f–king hate you.” He was like drunk off of some s–t, wearing some suit. And he was like ‘f–k you’ and he was using like racial slurs against me. And that was the last UFC event (for me). So yeah, I forgot I can’t come (to the UFC fight).”

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