Goalie In Chile May Have Scored The Longest Goal In Soccer History With A Gorgeous Boot

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One of the most entertaining parts of being a sports fan is watching players who are traditionally supposed to focus on a specific task do something they seemingly have no business pulling off in a game.

Major League Baseball’s decision to switch to a universal designated hitter means we no longer live in a world where fans and players alike can absolutely lose their minds after seeing someone like Bartolo Colon knock a ball out of the park.

However, there are a few other sports with the potential to spawn some similarly dramatic moments.

That includes pastimes that feature a goaltender whose primary job is to stop the other team from scoring as opposed to contributing to the cause.

With that said, sometimes they’re able to do exactly that—which is what happened when Linus Ullmark treated NHL fans to an incredibly rare goalie goal earlier this season.

There have also been a number of instances where soccer goalies have gotten in on the action.

That includes a game that took place between Newport County and Cheltenham Town in England in 2021, which saw keeper Tom King set a world record for the longest goal in soccer history thanks to the kick that traveled 96 meters into the back of the net.

However, it appears he’s been unseated based on what recently transpired in Chile.

According to CNN, Cobresal netminder Leandro Requena decided to shoot his shot while his team was up 2-0 over Colo-Colo in their Chilean Primera División showdown last week.

It’s hard to imagine the Argentina native thought he’d be able to capitalize on the kick he booted from deep inside his own penalty box, but he was able to do exactly that after the soccer ball bounced over the head of opposing keeper Brayan Cortés and rolled into the net for the goal.

It’s believed the ball traveled around 101 meters, which would easily break King’s aforementioned world record.

Cobresal plans to work with the folks at Guinness to officially certify the achievement, and based on the evidence at hand, it seems like Requena will be the new man to beat when everything is said and done.

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