WATCH: World’s Fastest Lawn Mower With Suzuki Engine Wins Diesel Truck Drag Race

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  • This Pennsylvania man has changed the game for truck drag races.
  • He entered his turbocharged lawn mower and absolutely obliterated the field.
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Tractor or Truck Pulling is known as the “world’s heaviest motorsport.” The goal is to determine the strongest machine and the best driver.

Essentially, a whole lot of engine-modified farm tractors and trucks pull a heavy metal sled across a measured distance. The truck or tractor that goes the furthest distance in the the fastest time wins.

Pretty simple, right?

Well, at Lorah’s Truck and Tractor Pulls in Walnutport, Pennsylvania, it goes beyond just the pulls. The farm hosts pulls, truck drag races, junk car races and demolition derbies.

Some real Pennsylvania country sh*t.

This past Saturday, Lorah’s farm hosted a truck drag. Competitors were split into two categories— gas and diesel.

While the vast majority of those who entered drove trucks, one racer took a different approach and entered a tractor. But not just any tractor.

This man brought his ride-on lawnmower. Strapped with a 1100cc Suzuki engine, what might be the world’s-fastest lawnmower absolutely dusted its competition.

I love everything about this move. When this guy showed up to a truck race with a lawn mower, nobody thought he stood a chance.

If he was smart, he wouldn’t even lead onto the custom engine. Just putting around in the dirt, slowly pulling up to the starting line and then BOOM— absolutely ZOOMING out of the gates.

To get a better idea of what a truck drag normally looks like, here is another video from Lorah’s.


Here’s another one from that night #lorahstruckpulls

♬ original sound – Mike

If anyone reading this happens to know the results from Saturday, please reach out. Did the mower win?


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