Los Angeles Rams Star Deletes Post About Getting Traded

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Getty Image / Brian Rothmuller

The Los Angeles Rams are in a tough spot this offseason.

They were bad last season. Really bad.

Not only were they really bad in 2022, but the moves they made to win the Super Bowl in 2021 have left them without a first round draft pick to begin rebuilding.

It has left them in a bit of a holding pattern as they try to figure out whether they’ll be able to find a way to compete again in 2023 or if they need to shift their focus toward acquiring draft picks to build for the future.

If they take the rebuild approach, it seems there is one name that has become pretty popular in trade rumors.

Jalen Ramsey is just a year removed from being a First-team All-Pro, but there are some who believe he could be traded this offseason.

His tweet last night won’t change the minds of those people.

Bleacher Report took to Twitter to ask football fans where Ramsey would land if he got cut by the Rams. Ramsey responded, saying that he definitely wouldn’t be cut, but could maybe be traded.

He has since deleted the tweet and replaced it with a new one that just says he won’t get cut.

He is definitely right about not getting cut. Ramsey’s contract carries a huge dead cap hit for the 2023 season, so the Rams would save less than $1 million against the cap if they cut him.

A trade doesn’t seem particularly likely either. It would be hard to believe that Sean McVay decided to stick around to oversee a rebuild.

However, maybe the Los Angeles Rams will get an offer for him that they like and decide to open up some cap space to improve elsewhere.

Whatever they decide on Ramsey, it will be interesting to see the direction the Rams go in this offseason.