Lou Williams Manned The Front Desk At An LA Hotel And No One Knew Who He Was

Over the weekend, Red Bull took over Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach for the Halfcourt Hotel, a hoops-themed hotel just a block away from the famed Venice Beach Courts. Red Bull recently announced a multiyear partnership with USA Basketball, all with the goal of growing 3X3 basketball. Legendary Dream Team member Chris Mullin posted up for a weekend that included dunk contents, as well as 3×3 games and parties at the beachside Hotel Erwin.

LA Clippers sixth man Lou Williams was hanging around for the festivities. Williams even got behind hotel desk, acting as a front desk manager to check people in. Even though he’s called Los Angeles home in a Lakers and, now, Clippers uniform, an absolutely astounding number of people didn’t recognize him.

So he had fun with it, giving a lady a fake password for room access and telling her the secret phrase is, “Dewey sent ya.”

The best part: When one guest does realize it was Lou Williams, he asked for a follow on Instagram. Lou’s response is classic:

I will not. I only like following women.

Check out the video here:

But serious, I wish I could live in the penthouse suite: