Long-Time CFB Official Names The ‘Loudest SEC Stadium’ And It’s Their First Trophy In Decades

Long-Time CFB Official Names The 'Loudest SEC Stadium' And It's Their First Trophy In Decades

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Losing your voice on Saturdays is the ultimate sign that you showed up to cheer on your team. If you can still speak after the game, you weren’t cheering loudly enough, were you?

But fans arguing over the ‘loudest stadium in College Football’ or in this instance, the Loudest SEC stadium, will always be entertaining because stadium noise is very measurable. In 1992, Husky Stadium (Washington) set a then-record for the loudest stadium noise ever recorded when it hit 133.6 decibels. But the Huskies are barely in the top 10 these days and there’s an SEC team that ranks first.

Longtime SEC official Matt Austin joined The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday. And as a guest on the SEC Network he shared what the loudest SEC stadium really is. LSU’s Tiger Stadium consistently ranks as the loudest SEC Stadium AND the loudest college football stadium overall, but not according to this official who called games there and in other SEC stadiums for years.

Long-Time CFB Official Names The Loudest SEC Stadium

Longtime SEC official Matt Austin had this to say:

“You can’t beat a night game at LSU. That’s just a wonderful venue. The atmosphere is electric, the fans are tuned into the game. They make a lot of noise. (But) I tell people the truth, and they get really surprised, and it’s South Carolina.”

When recalling his very first game on the SEC Network, Aggies versus the Gamecocks in 2014, Matt Austin said “It was so loud, I couldn’t hear myself talk at the coin toss.”

Gamecocks Head Coach Shane Beamer Agrees They’ve Got The Loudest Stadium

South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer caught wind of these comments from Matt Austin and wholeheartedly agrees:

South Carolina fans will readily tell you they’ve got the loudest stadium. And honestly, we should collectively let them have this W. The Gamecocks haven’t won the SEC since 1969. They’ve never won a National Championship despite having some legendary coaches (Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, etc) lead the team. So let’s just let them have this one?

Is Williams–Brice Stadium Really the loudest SEC stadium though???

If you, yes YOU, were to Google ‘loudest stadium in College Football’ then pretty much every article you find will list LSU’s Tiger Stadium as the loudest.

There are also these Big Game Boomer tweets that make the rounds each year arbitrarily ranking the loudest stadiums in college football and LSU is #1 every year. There’s no explanation whatsoever of what they use to rank these schools so I don’t think they hold any weight, but it’s just one of the million examples of LSU’s being ranked as the loudest in CFB:

Even though LSU is the virtual unanimous selection as the loudest SEC stadium AND the loudest stadium in College Football, Gamecocks fans were loving the comments from the former CFB official:

Seriously, let’s just let them have this one? As an FSU graduate/fan, I’d love to insert myself here about how when Doak Campbell Stadium is rocking it’s as loud as anything in sports if not the loudest but what’s the point? At a certain level, everything is deafening.

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