Former Louisville Recruits Are Dropping More Details About Sex And Stripper Parties

More former University of Louisville recruits have now come forward and told the NCAA that the sex parties allegedly involving strippers and prostitutes did in fact happen.

The news for the Cardinals, who voluntarily removed themselves from post-season play as a result of the scandal, just continues to get worse.

As you may recall, back in October of 2015 a woman named Katina Powell published a book recounting tales of how former Director of Basketball Operations Andre McGee hired her and other women, including strippers and prostitutes to meet with recruits during on campus visits. She claimed to have participated in this capacity at 22 parties from 2010 to 2014 and was paid $10,000 by McGee.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino has claimed he had no knowledge of any of this, something Powell says is untrue.

Now, according to ESPN, there’s even more bad news for the program…

At least three former University of Louisville men’s basketball recruits have confirmed to NCAA investigators that they attended parties inside an on-campus dorm where strippers danced for them and prostitutes were paid to have sex with them, a source close to the NCAA investigation told Outside the Lines.

The source said the three former Louisville recruits met with NCAA investigators in October and November. Chuck Smrt, the person hired by the University of Louisville to monitor the progress of the NCAA’s investigation, also attended those meetings.

“There’s no question this stuff happened,” the source said. “There’s no question the people at the University of Louisville know this happened. Katina Powell is not an admirable person, but she told the truth.”

These three recruits reportedly told NCAA investigators details such as how much money McGee had given them for use in tipping the dancers.

“It’s a pathetic story,” the source said. “McGee gave the players a stack of dollar bills ranging from $200 to $500. Everybody in the room got the money — the recruits and the current members of the team. Not only that, but McGee himself had his own stack of dollar bills. If this guy’s spending $2,000 to $3,000 on a recruiting weekend, where’s this money coming from?”

Back in October, one recruit not identified as a part of this latest group, speaking with Outside the Lines, said he had sex with a dancer after McGee paid her, while another stated, “I knew they weren’t college girls. It was crazy. It was like I was in a strip club.”

If true, no wonder Louisville won the national championship back in 2013. What kid just entering college wouldn’t want to go there?


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