LSU Fan Sounds Off On FSU And Reveals Tragic Middle Name In An All-Time Interview

Louisiana State Tigers LSU football helmet under the lights

Getty Image / Peter Joneleit / Icon Sportswire

The LSU Tigers, Brian Kelly, and the fans were all served a hard dose of reality in Sunday’s second half against the Florida State Seminoles when the ‘Noles scored 31 points to blow out the Tigers in Orlando. Prior to the game, one LSU fan gave an all-time interview.

Things started pretty casually with some profane trash talk of the Florida State Seminoles, now the #4 team in the nation. It appeared as if he might’ve been attempting to channel Coach O (Ed Orgeron) Energy or perhaps the accent is just there. But it’s all in good fun.

Then it’s revealed that this diehard LSU fan is named after the GOAT in College Football Coaching and no, I’m not talking about Bobby Bowden here.

Shout out to that dude’s parents for being such diehard LSU fans they named their son after the coach back in 2000-2004. At that time, there was no way to know Nick Saban would leave LSU for the NFL and the forgotten chapter of Nick Saban’s career before taking the job at Alabama and creating one of the greatest dynasties in College Football history.

And shout out to this dude for embracing it. He’s proud of the fact that his middle name is the ‘best coach of all-time’ despite LSU getting walloped every year. Nick Saban is 11-4 against LSU in his time at Alabama.

The full video of Lucy Rohden tailgating for The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz can be seen on YouTube. It is only 3 minutes long so it’s worth it just for the FSU fans who don’t even know how Deion Sanders is:

As a Florida State grad and lifelong Seminoles fan, the Deion Sanders comment killed me a little bit. How on God’s green earth does a Florida State Seminoles student NOT know how Deion Sanders is?!

Deion has made it clear he doesn’t want to be associated with the Florida State Seminoles anymore but for the fans to not know who he is and what he did for FSU decades ago?! C’mon, man.