LSU Student Arrested After Allegedly Staging Massive Beer Heist At Tiger Stadium

Exterior of Tiger Stadium at LSU

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There’s typically no shortage of booze to be found on the average college campus, but when you’re not old enough to legally purchase it, acquiring the requisite party supplies can be easier said than done.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest plenty of undergrads under the age of 21 exert just as much time and effort (if not more) into figuring out how to get their hands on some alcohol as they do studying for their classes.

There are a number of tried and tested strategies underage drinkers harness when it comes to tracking down adult beverages, like acquiring a fake ID, tapping someone over 21 to do the buying for you, or getting into a party where the cheap beer and plastic handles of vodka flow like the waters of Niagara Falls.

Based on what I know about Louisiana State University, it’s not exactly difficult to figure out a way to get your fix when you’re on campus in Baton Rouge.

However, that didn’t stop one person from allegedly going above and beyond in a quest for some beer.

According to WBRZ, police arrested a 19-year-old LSU student who has been accused of stealing cases of beer worth an estimated $1,500 from Tiger Stadium in the dead of night.

The outlet says campus police spotted a group of students carrying the beer around 3 A.M. on Sunday before dropping it and fleeing after being detected.

The police report states surveillance video showed the group using a black pickup truck to make off with the haul, which was found in a parking lot near the dorm where the pilfered brews were discovered in the room of the lone suspect to be charged with the burglary.

It’s not entirely clear why the football stadium was sitting on a stockpile of beer when you consider the Tigers don’t play their first home game until September 9th, although it could be connected to other events the school has hosted at the venue in the past.

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