Only One Conference Hasn’t Added A Single Team In The 21st Century

MAC conference logo

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

Over the last few days, there has been no bigger story in North American sports than conference realignment in college athletics.

In the last week, fans have potentially watched the demise of one the Power 5 conferences in college sports.

After losing Colorado to the Big 12 a little over a week ago, the Pac-12 had a really awful week this week.

First it was the University of Arizona that applied to join the Big 12. Then Oregon and Washington decided they would jump ship and head to the Big Ten. Finally, Arizona State and Utah decided to join U of A and Colorado.

What remains of the conference will now be looking to latch on somewhere, with the Mountain West currently looking like a likely option.

While all of these conferences and others have been busy realigning, there has been one among the mid-major ranks that actually hasn’t brought in a new school in the 21st century.

According to Sports Grid’s Ben Stevens, all of the MAC’s current members have been there since at least 1998 and 6 of them have been taking part in MACtion since 1952.

The MAC hasn’t even had a school leave in almost 2 decades as Marshall’s departure for the Sun Belt back in 2005 was the last time a team left the MAC.

The conference has done a good job of relying on its strengths in its recent history. They have stuck with the same group of schools for years and have leaned into the appeal of giving college football fans something to watch in the middle of the week.

Maybe they will continue to be able to avoid conference realignment.