These Are The Only Four Players With A 99 Overall Rating In ‘Madden NFL 20’

Madden NFL 20 announces the only four players with a 99 overall rating

Screengrab YouTube // EA Sports

Madden NFL 20 is the unofficial kick-off to the NFL season, in my personal opinion. Releasing August 2 after training camps have started and fans are in full football mode, the video game gives us a chance to play with our favorite teams and scratch our itch as the upcoming year approaches. It really should be considered a holiday.

While we have to wait a few more weeks until Madden NFL 20 hits shelves — but you can pre-order your copy now — we’ve already been teased with a few details about the game. After seeing the overall ratings for some of the rookies, it’s time to find out who the best players are going to be this upcoming season, and we finally got our answer.

The “99 Club” is mega exclusive, guys, with EA Sports giving the overall rating to only four players, so here’s a look at the names.

  • Aaron Donald
  • Bobby Wagner
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Khalil Mack

To make the announcements of the “99 Club” in Madden NFL 20, take a look at how EA Sports teased each player on its official Twitter account.

For those serious gamers out there, EA Sports even revealed some category ratings for each of the 99 overall players, so here’s a sneak peek at some of what to expect from Aaron Donald, Bobby Wagner, DeAndre Hopkins and Khalil Mack.

Donald’s Ratings Highlights

  • 99 Strength – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Power Moves – Best in Madden 20
  • 98 Pursuit – Best in Madden 20
  • 97 Block Shedding – Second-best in Madden 20
  • 96 Finesse Moves – Second-best in Madden 20

Wagner’s Ratings Highlights

  • 99 Tackle – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Pursuit – Best in Madden 20
  • 98 Hit Power – Best in Madden 20

Hopkins’ Ratings Highlights

  • 99 Catching – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Jumping – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Spectacular Catch – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Catch In Traffic – Best in Madden 20
  • 99 Release – Best in Madden 20

Mack’s Ratings Highlights

  • 97 Power Moves
  • 95 Pursuit
  • 94 Tackle
  • 94 Jumping

Only having these four players being rated 99 overall in Madden NFL 20 might be surprising — because some people may have thought there’d be a little more players. But now that you know who the dominant guys are, you can plan your strategy while playing against buddies or strangers online.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)