Mako Shark Goes Crazy After Being Hooked, Pulls Off Better Backflips Than We’ll See In Rio

Mako Shark Jumping

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This video shared by Captain Mark Martin from San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing has been making the rounds and once you hit play it’ll be easy to see why. In this video, there’s a mako shark who has just been hooked by a fisherman and while makos are known for their crazy acrobatics this shark’s a cut above the rest because I’ve never seen a backflip this high before:

The caption of the video reads: “Flying Mako 3”. Yep, some big boys around right now!!! Words can’t describe what it is like to see Mako sharks of this size come out of the water like they do.
Time to get out and see some of these sharks in action for yourself. If you have not gone out this season now is the time.

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We’re still firmly within the meat of the mako sportfishing season of Southern California, where anglers head offshore in search of a shark that’ll jump 15 feet into the air while doing backflips. If you happen to find yourself in that area and want to book a trip for something like this you should look up the captain above, Mark Martin of San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing, because from what I’ve gathered he’s been putting clients on fish left and right, from yellowfin tuna to makos.

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