Why A University of Georgia Football Player Spends One Day A Month Surrounded By Cougars

Malcolm Mitchell Book Club


It’s funny how certain college football players choose to spend their free time. Some guys cuddle up to porn stars while other guys cuddle up with a copy of Hunger Games.

University of Georgia wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell hits the books, hits the field, and then hits the books again — but for fun — because he’s part of a book club that meets once a month. The book club isn’t on campus and doesn’t involve anyone close to Mitchell’s age. The club is actually comprised of women closer to Mitchell’s mom’s age.

Mitchell told his story to CBS Sunday Morning last weekend and explained how his reading level wasn’t really up to college standards before joining the Bulldogs. Mitchell was able to overcome his demons, and his junior high reading level, with the help of a woman he met at a local Barnes & Noble. Kathy Rackley and Mitchell struck up a conversation about reading and she invited him to her monthly book club.

Mitchell is the only college football player totally fine with being called a nerd.

H/T Elite Daily