A Powerful Moment: Mama Kelce Meets Both Her Sons After The Super Bowl

Donna Kelce

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We knew that the Super Bowl was not going to be easy for Donna Kelce, the mom of two All-Pros, in Chiefs tight end Travis and Eagles center Jason. It was going to be a very happy moment for one son and a very saddening moment for the other. A newly released video by NFL Films highlights exactly how difficult and emotional it was.


It’s very hard to know exactly how mama Kelce felt on Super Sunday. Simultaneously thrilled for one of her boys and heartbroken for the other. Luckily she was able to enjoy both her kids win a Super Bowl in their careers already. It’s possible it took some of the edge off from the son that suffered the defeat on Sunday.

The powerful moments with Jason and Travis Kelce were captured by the NFL. The first one, with the younger son Travis was beautiful because they got to celebrate together after the win.

However, the experience with Jason was especially tough to watch. As big as Jason is, he immediately embraces his mom and cries how much he loved being with her this week. He then tells her to go and celebrate with Travis. Giving her the assurance that he’ll be okay and she can enjoy her night.


Donna Kelce Gets It

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, fans put out a petition asking for Donna Kelce to flip the opening coin toss.

She was honored but stayed grounded and delivered an amazing answer.

“There are so many legends and people that have their blood, sweat and tears on that field and for a mom that never played football, I don’t think that’s the right place for me”