I Watched This Video 11 Times And Still Can’t Believe A Human Survived This Crazy Drag Race Crash

Us human beings aren’t always the smartest. We like to engage in rather risky behavior not out of necessity, but for “fun.” Take drag racers for example, they drive super lightweight, 10,000-horsepower cars and achieve speeds of up to 330 miles per hour. Here’s the kicker, they don’t even use it to go anywhere exciting. They use all that warp speed to go to the end of a track. It’s not like they can say, “Hey, I hopped in my drag racer and got from New York City to Los Angeles in 10 hours.” This driver did not even make it to the end of the race track, and somehow survived after his dragster snapped in half.

We take you to Brisbane, Australia where the Fuchs Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway were taking place this past weekend. Driver Phil Lamattina was attempting to qualify for the international meet on Saturday when his car assploded.

The vehicle began to skid, then snapped right in half and both the nose and the body of the car went soaring into the air. The body then hurtled in the air down the track until smashing into the wall.

The 39-year-old racer was conscious and alert following the crash. He was treated by medical staff at the scene of the crash before being taken to hospital. Doctors diagnosed Lamattina with a shattered vertebrae. Bad. But not too bad considering that he was in wreckage that transformed a dragster into an unrecognizable lump of steel.

Thankfully Lamattina is expected to make a full recovery.

“The Lamattina family would like to advise that Phil is currently in hospital after suffering a shattered vertebrae in today’s racing incident. Surgeons have advised that a full recovery is expected, and the team will keep everyone up to date with his progress over the coming days. The family thanks all for the well wishes and support.”

Probably wouldn’t kill you to keep it 55 mph from now on, ya maniac.