Manu Ginobili Euro-Steps To Save Grandmother Who Took A Fall On Beach In Argentina

Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Future Hall of Famer Manu Ginobili can spend the second act of his life on the beaches of Buenos Aires sipping frozen drinks and banana-boating.

After 16 seasons, four NBA titles, a pair of All Star appearances, and hundreds of millions in salary earnings alone, no one would shame the 42-yea-old for getting drunk and fat.

Instead, he’s saving the lives of poor old grandmothers.

A woman posted her tale about her encounter with Manu on an Argentinian beach.

Her tweet, translated from Spanish:

The head of my grandmother faced a sand dune alone to go to the truck and fell, 2 men were running to help her, picked her up and accompanied her, when we were arriving we see that photos begin to be taken with one, we thought it was ridiculous AND WAS MANU GINÓBILI!

Only those things happen to someone like my grandmother hahahahaha thanks @manuginobili you are a great guy

Slow down, Manu. You’re making us look bad. I still haven’t brushed my teeth today. Also, you’re legally allowed to get fat now. Join the darkside dude.