Map Shows Most Popular NFL Jerseys Sold To Women By State And You Won’t Believe Who Is #1 Overall

top selling female nfl jerseys by state map


In 2015 women are darn near as big into the NFL as men are, but which NFL stars are the ladies loving the most? Dick’s Sporting Goods has put together some very interesting stats as well as a map showing the most popular jersey by state.

While we certainly expect to see Peyton Manning popular all over the Rocky Mountain region and Russell Wilson dominating the Northwest there are a few surprises to found.

For instance, why is Drew Brees so popular in Kentucky? And really, Maryland, sorry I mean Virginia? Ryan Kerrigan? I know he’s good, but usually outside linebackers aren’t warranted such high fandom. Not when your Redskins have… uh… hmmm… okay, yeah, Ryan Kerrigan makes total sense.

Dick’s also breaks it down even further and you’ll never in a million years guess which jersey is the top seller overall to women in the entire country. Seriously, you will never guess. Never.

According to them, it…is…Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns. No, I am not joking.

He is beating out Tom Brady (2), Odell Beckham, Jr. (3), Andrew Luck (4), and *gasp* Rob Gronkowski (5) among female buyers.

top selling womens nfl jerseys by state

Dick's Sporting Goods

They also break it down by offense, defense, rookies and teams so head over there if you want to be amazed even more.

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