Is This SCORCHING Midfield Volley The Soccer Goal Of The Century?

by 4 years ago


Although Monday’s game between Bundesliga side SC Padeborn 07 and the EPL’s Bolton Wanderers was an inconsequential friendly, this near midfield volley goal from the foot of Marcel Ndjeng is sure to make waves in the soccer world today, and probably for the rest of time.

Holy. Shit. What a first-time volley. I believe that’s what the kids call a “thunder strike” these days. Literally, the only thing that could have made Ndjeng’s goal better would’ve been a Spanish announcer screaming “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!” for 37 seconds on end.

Not that it matters because, well, you came here for the golazo, but Padeborn defeated Bolton 4-1.

[h/t TheSportsBible]

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