Marcellus Wiley Thinks That The Jets Not Fighting Each Other At Training Camp Is A Bad Thing

marcellus wiley jets not fighting training camp bad

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  • FS1’s Marcellus Wiley spewed a fiery take about the New York Jets not fighting at training camp.
  • Wiley thinks it’s a bad thing the Jets aren’t fighting one another.
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An all-out brawl broke out during New York Giants training camp last week that left quarterback Daniel Jones on the bottom of a pile. The fight prompted New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh to explain to the media that the Jets have had a “fight-free camp.”

Fighting at training camp is a regular thing, but most would agree that teammates fighting one another is a bad thing. Not NFL analyst Marcellus Wiley, the FS1 host thinks that the Jets not fighting each other is a bad thing.

On Thursday’s edition of ‘Speak For Yourself,’ Wiley went on a rant explaining that the Jets clearly have “no fire” because they’re not fighting at camp. He believes players not throwing punches at one another means they lack the will to push themselves to be the best they can be.

“You fight in camp because you want to prove yourself so badly, Wiley said. “You’re sitting there in the middle having to fight for your life, and you’re livelihood, and you ain’t gonna fight? You’re fighting for your job, you’re fighting for your job, but there are no fights. Boy, stop, it makes no sense.” 

It’s obvious that Wiley, who played in the NFL from 1997-2006, is trying to explain that it’s odd that there hasn’t been a single fight during Jets camp with guys fighting for spots on the roster. This is Wiley’s attempt at saying ‘do whatever it takes,’ and his ‘whatever it takes’ including fighting your fellow teammates.

It’s not the worst take ever, and certainly not the best, just a pretty poorly worded rant from Wiley.

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