March Madness Special! Get A Vasectomy And Receive A Free Pizza + SI Swimsuit Issue



A urologist from New Orleans is offering up a ‘March Madness’ special for any men looking to get a scalpel-free vasectomy. In addition to the vasectomy, part-time magician and full-time tube tier Dr. Neil “The Whiz” Baum is tossing in a pizza, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, a frozen gel pack (he used to give away frozen bags of peas), and a bell for you to ring in order to get people to bring you stuff while your balls recover.

First off, if you’re going to voluntarily start shooting blanks you might as well plan it so that you get something extra out of the process. Much like when you get a box of steaks with a windshield replacement on your car, you should get all sorts of free shit when you sever part of your manhood.

Nate Scott from USA Today’s ‘For The Win’ actually had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Neil and talk about this ridiculous offer he does every year for ‘March Madness’, and the interview is as weird as you might expect:

FTW: So I remember when I lived down in New Orleans, I used to hear about your special on the radio, and my friends and I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Is it still happening?

NB: Oh yes. I have to limit it to about ten a weekend. I could probably do more. I want to make sure I’m not exhausted so I can enjoy the games myself. I limit it to ten each weekend.

FTW: When did this start?

NB: This started about 3 or 4 years ago. [It actually began back in 2009.] I’ve tried to do it for Super Bowl weekend and I’ve tried to do NBA playoffs, but neither worked, and I can’t figure out why.

But Super Bowl weekend, there are too many parties. No one wants to be by themselves. And NBA, I just don’t think it’s as big.

FTW: Are you still doing magic shows as “The Whiz”?

NB: Oh yeah. Absolutely. It’s so cool that I can call up people and say “Oh hi, it’s the Whiz,” and everyone who knows me and has interacted with my magic knows it’s me, and gets the double entendre with my name. Urologist and a magician. And my license plate is “THE WHIZ.”

That’s just a few excerpts from the interview with ‘The Whiz’, but I highly suggest you check it out in full on ‘For The Win’ HERE.