‘Monday Night Countdown’ Names 2 New Analysts With Booger McFarland Removed

Former Monday Night Countdown analyst, Booger McFarland

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Monday Night Countdown has made numerous changes already and it sounds like another big switch-up is on the way as Booger McFarland won’t be returning.

Instead, two new analysts will be joining the crew as ESPN lists Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears as part of the team.

With Scott Van Pelt in line to be the host, he’ll have several analysts join him at the desk.

According to Pro Football Talk, “in announcing the 2023-24 cast of Monday Night Countdown, ESPN did not mention that Booger McFarland won’t return. However, he’s not among the names named of the cast of analysts for the coming season.”

ESPN has made multiple changes to its roster this year, as a ton of well-known analysts were let go. But the worldwide leader in sports has quickly announced replacements for who they’ve let go.

With that said Clark and Spears are seemingly replacing Steve Young, who was laid off by ESPN, and Booger McFarland, who is still on the ESPN roster.

This might be viewed as a good thing for Monday Night Countdown, as many NFL fans criticized McFarland during his time working for Monday Night Football.

However, he seemed to find a new home at Monday Night Countdown, as his presence at the desk was noticeably better than it was in the booth.

Despite that, ESPN is moving on from him and giving the opportunity to Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears. Both of which have immensely grown over their years working in sports media.

For now, it’s not clear exactly what role McFarland will have at ESPN. But it wouldn’t be shocking if he works in the studio more often than not.