Mark Cuban Went On Cyber Dust To Explain That He Didn’t Act Like A Heartbroken Ex When DeAndre Jordan Left Him

Mark Cuban Facebook


Breakups are rough. Especially if you’re the one who’s heart just got shit on and you didn’t even see it coming. You don’t want to act desperate, but sometimes your emotions get the best of you and you do something you regret. Like, say, you act like a pathetic loser. It happens. But it certainly DID NOT happen to Mark Cuban when found out that DeAndre Jordan was heading back to the Clippers although he kinda/sorta/definitely verbally agreed to be a Mav next season.

Since the media and Chris Broussard have been living up Cuban’s asshole about how he reacted to the news, Cuban took to Cyber Dust to let everyone know, IN GREAT DETAIL, what happened on the night Jordan betrayed him.



Had to get that “here’s why I use Cyber Dust” plug at the end, didn’t ya, Cubes?

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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