Mark Cuban Calls Chris Broussard’s Tweet About Begging For DeAndre Jordan’s Address ‘The Dumbest Shit Ive Ever Heard’


There were many twists and turns to the DeAndre Jordan saga before it ended in him returning to the Los Angeles Clippers late last night. One of the bizarre angles was the behavior of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as reported by ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Broussard painted Cuban as a man at his wits’ end, driving around the Houston area pleading for Jordan’s location so he could grovel.

Cuban, as you may suspect, disagrees with that narrative.

It does seem weird that Cuban would be roaming the streets in desperation without knowing where he was going. Or that one of his many contacts didn’t have an address for Jordan. Or that Broussard could know what was going on in Cuban’s car at all.

I smell a Disney family crossover episode where Broussard pitches Cuban story ideas that are shot down repeatedly. Who says no beside the primaries involved and the parent company?