Mark Hunt On Brock Lesnar ‘For Someone Who Cheated He Still Hits Like A P*ssy’

by 3 years ago


Yesterday, Mark Hunt blasted Brock Lesnar for failing his UFC 200 pre-fight drug test and demanded half of Brock’s pay as restitution.

I already talked to the bosses. They better do something or I want out of here, I want a release from my contract. You guys are just making a mockery out of us, you’re making a fool out of me, you make me look like an idiot.

Half of his purse should come to me — maybe all of it. The guy shouldn’t get a cent. That, or refund everyone that paid money. They paid for an even playing field — they didn’t get that. They got a cheater against a guy not cheating. I’m lucky I didn’t get injured. I think it’s rubbish. I think all of his (expletive) should be taken off him. There’s no penalties or deterrents to guys that are cheating. This is not the first time, this is the third time I’ve had to fight someone doping.”

It appears that Hunt has changed his mind and is now demanding Brock’s entire $2.5 million paycheck.

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