Mark Sanchez Looks To Return To Butt Fumble Form By Fumbling In FG Range Against The 49ers

by 2 years ago

Tough day to be a struggling professional quarterback named Mark Sanchez. Actually, it’s probably never a great day to be Mark Sanchez, but I’m just glad it’s him and not me. Imagine waking up one day and being Mark Sanchez? That’d be like the nightmare version of The Parent Trap. 

Honestly, I have a little more respect for Sanchez than I used to. I refused to even watch him on TV back during the Butt Fumble Era. The he went to the Eagles and did alright. How good he did overall is a bit subjective, but we can agree that he didn’t have any butt fumbles. Hence why I’m a little worried about his performance on the Broncos against the 49ers.

With the departure of both Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler, Sanchez is now in a position to clinch the starting spot if he plays to expectations. So getting the ball stripped from him in the pocket is not a good look. Sure, it’s no butt fumble, but it’s not good either. Maybe this is problem with Sanchez. Some of the best games of his career came when he was a backup for the Eagles and some of the worst came when he was a starter for the Jets. Maybe he’s cursed to always be an abysmal starter. His real success might be found in being a career backup. At least then he may hold onto the ball.

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