Mark Teixeira Took a Pretty Hard Jab at A-Rod During a Charity Event

Via Bob's Blitz:

“I have always said that athletes can’t be role models, they are your examples . . . I want the teachers, the police officers, the firemen to be the role models for my children . . . There’s two sides to every story, and a lot of people will say the percentage of professional athletes that get in trouble is not any more or less than people in the general population. But guess what — the general population doesn’t get to play at Yankee Stadium, doesn’t have the forum to speak to business leaders and philanthropists on a daily basis about helping kids. We have to be great examples. What I can do is not get in trouble . . . I can use the right kind of language . . . too many guys are taking that opportunity and wasting it . . . No matter how many home runs I hit in my career and world championships the Yankees win, at the end of my life I want people to say, ‘Mark Teixeira was a decent baseball player, but he really helped kids, he made a difference in their lives.’”


Yes, he doesn't specifically say A-Rod, but there are some pretty glaring statements between those lines. The lesson, as always – with great power, comes great responsibility. 

[H/T: Bob's Blitz]

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