Marquette’s Air Jordan II Exclusives Look Like They Were Accidentally Designed For Toddlers

Marquette basketball currently sits with a record of 19-12 and are one of many teams on the bubble, but whether or not the Golden Eagles end up dancing their way into March Madness or bumbling backwards into the always exhilarating NIT, the team will be sporting these Air Jordan II exclusives.

The Marquette logo on the tongue is a nice touch and the team’s color scheme is perfect, save for one very important detail which completely downgrades the shoe by a few healthy notches: The awful sky blue laces.

It’s amazing how one simple accent can ruin an entire piece of work. However, the problem is easily salvageable. I highly suggest that all Marquette players replace those 1st grade shoelaces with navy blue ones — hell, even dark yellow would be better — and BOOM, consider the concept saved.

Because as they stand now, they look like a pair of poorly thought-out Sketchers desperately trying to mimic the Jordan Brand.

Remember the “Jordan Fly Wade 2” release back in 2012 that paid tribute to Marquette? Now that’s a color scheme that married well and properly completed the circle.

They got it right then. All they need to do is fix those damn amateur hour shoelaces and they can get it right again this time, too.

[H/T Complex]