Marshawn Lynch Finally Reveals The Reason For His Famous Line From Super Bowl Week

Marshawn Lynch

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Former NFL legend, running back Marshawn Lynch, famously said “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” during Super Bowl media day in 2015. Now we finally know what motived him to do that.

Speaking on the I Am Athlete Podcast, Lynch opened up about what happened that year: “The fines started accumulating from seasons before. It got to a pretty penny. $1.2M for just not talkin’ to the media.”

Marshawn Lynch had been fined multiple times during the season for not cooperating with the media and was facing the possibility of being fined again if he refused to answer questions during the mandatory media session leading up to the Super Bowl.

Lynch was known for being media-shy and uncomfortable with public speaking, so he repeated the same phrase “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” over and over again during the session, declining to answer any questions beyond that.

It became a memorable moment that highlighted the often-tense relationship between professional athletes and the media, and the pressures they face to engage with the media despite their personal discomfort or reservations.

Marshawn Lynch Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Marshawn Lynch played 12 seasons in the NFL after getting picked in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills.

He was known for his physical running style, elusive moves, and ability to break tackles, earning him the nickname “Beast Mode.”

Lynch was selected to five Pro Bowls and was named to the All-Pro team. He finished his career with 10,413 rushing yards, 1,979 receiving yards, and 93 total touchdowns.

He also had numerous memorable moments, including his “Beast Quake” run during the 2010 playoffs and his touchdown run in the 2014 Super Bowl that helped secure the Seahawks’ victory.