Massive Alligator Takes Over Florida Golf Course And Hisses At Passing Golfers

Alligator eye close up

iStockphoto / AppleZoomZoom

Seeing alligators on the golf course is a part of everyday life in Florida. I actually grew up playing a course in Sarasota that was named after alligators because there were so many around.

Usually, the alligators are out floating in the water or sunning themselves on the banks of the lakes. It is not often you see them moving from one body of water to the next.

Even rare is seeing a massive alligator like the one below taking over the driving range. And if that wasn’t enough, the gator then walked down the cart path and let out a primal hiss at anyone who tried to pass. Be sure to turn sound on for this video.

Everyone had jokes. People commented:

“Looks like the gator knew where it was going!”

“He forgot his golf clubs!”

“This fella can play through any time he wants!”

That video was shared by WINK News’ Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt who received it from a viewer. It was later shared on For The Win. WINK News is based out of Ft. Myers, Florida.

Presumably, the video was taken somewhere in the Ft. Myers or Naples area but theoretically it could have been anywhere in SW Florida.

It is not uncommon for viewers to send Matt Devitt videos of golf course alligators in Florida. In March of last year, he shared this video from the Bonita Bay Golf Course that went viral:

Personally, I’m much more shocked when I see bobcats on golf courses in Florida than alligators. Seeing gators is part of every round I play no matter the course. But seeing a bobcat on the course happens every couple of years and is a lot rarer. That said, it is not common to see an alligator as big as the ones above.