Matt Barnes Apologized For Talking Trash To James Harden’s Mom Last Night

The longer the Los Angeles Clippers stay alive in in the NBA playoffs, the more opportunities there will be for Matt Barnes to make news.

Just the other day we had him roasting former NBA guard Casey Jacobsen on Twitter for pointing out Blake Griffin is a better offensive option than Barnes.

It turns out that was child’s play.

Because apparently the Clippers veteran took time out during yesterday’s game to make a disparaging comment toward James Harden’s mother.

And, yeah, he’s sorry about that.

James Harden‘s mother tells TMZ SportsMatt Barnes PERSONALLY APOLOGIZED Wednesday night … after the L.A. Clippers star hurled an extremely rude comment to her during last night’s NBA playoff game.

Monja Willis wouldn’t tell us exactly what Barnes said to her at the Toyota Center in Houston during Game 2 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals … saying, “We’ll leave that on the court.”

What we do know … Matt’s comment really pissed off one of Monja’s other sons — who was sitting next to her during the game and heard it … and confronted Barnes after the final buzzer.

Willis tells us … “My older son walked over to him and told him to apologize … and he did.”

That seems out of line. I, like most of you, was operating under the assumption that mothers and sisters were off-limits, no matter how heated things get on the court.

Harden’s mother has reportedly accepted the apology so you can expect these two to bury the hatchet and be best of buddies the rest of the series.

If the Rockets want to get payback, there’s some pretty good zingers about Austin Rivers’ dad still in play.

[H/T: TMZ]