Matt Harvey Discusses Drug Use At Angel Stadium In Federal Court Case Against Alleged Drug Dealer

Matt Harvey Admits To Past Cocaine And Painkiller Use As He's Granted Immunity In Tyler Skaggs Case

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  • Matt Harvey was called to the stand as a witness in U.S. v Eric Kay on Tuesday
  • Eric Kay is being charged for providing former Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs with the opioids that led to his O.D.
  • In his time on the stand, Harvey admitted to past drug use of oxycodone and cocaine while with the Angels.

This morning Matt Harvey took the stand at former Angels communication director Eric Kay’s federal trial.

Kay is charged for playing a role in the 2019 death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs—who overdosed on a mix of alcohol, fentanyl, and oxycodone, as provided by witnesses from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office who testified in the federal case last week.

The defense team is trying to prove that Skaggs could have received opioids from multiple sources, thus making it difficult to assume Kay is responsible for providing Skaggs with the drugs that led to his death.

Matt Harvey is one of those individuals who alleged to have possibly provided Skaggs with drugs on a regular occasion, which would help achieve what Kay’s defense team is trying to accomplish.

Kay’s official charges are conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance, and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance resulting in death and serious bodily injury.

Matt Harvey Granted Immunity in Federal Trial of Eric Kay

At one point in his opening, Harvey mentioned the quote, “I’m here because I got subpoenaed by the government to be here.”

Harvey has been given immunity, as reported by multiple sources.

There are a number of journalists providing excellent reporting on the case, one of which is Sam Blum, the Angels beat reporter for The Athletic, and the other T.J. Quinn of ESPN.

Matt Harvey Admitting to Cocaine Use and Opioid Use

Harvey revealed a lot about his drug use and how it intertwined in his friendship with Tyler Skaggs.

Not only did Harvey talk about drug use with Skaggs, but Harvey also mentioned his drug use in general during the time he was playing.

Here’s more context for how Harvey’s social life came into play.

Alleged Drug Use at Angel Stadium

What is alarming is Harvey also mentions several times about using drugs on the premises of Angel Stadium.

Matt Harvey and C.J. Cron Admit to Getting Pills from Eric Kay

Colorado Rockies first basemen C.J. Cron was also called to the stand as a witness. Cron played for the Angels from 2014-2017. According to Sam Blum, the prosecution is trying to establish Cron received oxycodone from either Kay or Skaggs, which would thus connect back to Kay.

Here’s what Cron said:

And here’s what Harvey said about Eric Kay.

Revelations from the Case So Far

This case is going on in real-time as we speak, so more news might come of it as the day goes on.

Two other former players have taken the stand as witnesses, former Angels pitchers Mike Morin and Cam Bedrosian. Both said Eric Kay had provided them with opioids in the past, which makes it now four former players who have said Kay provided them drugs if you count Harvey and Cron.

And as for Matt Harvey, he has revealed quite a bit about his drug use during his prime years of pitching.

These are some pretty ugly acts. One can only feel sadness towards Skagg’s death and the details that are unraveling.