Matt Ryan Gives Unique Look At Veteran Leadership And Gets Smoked During Sprints In Mic’d Up Video

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The Colts are entering their fourth-straight year with a new quarterback at the helm. This year, however, feels different.

Indianapolis traded for Matt Ryan during the offseason and has high hopes for the former No. 3 overall pick and 2016 MVP. Although the 37-year-old had not found much success in Atlanta over the last few years, he can still sling it with the best of them and completed 67% of his passes for an 11th-best 3,968 yards in 2021. His numbers may not stand out, but they are extremely impressive considering his supporting cast and offensive line.

As Ryan hopes to return to success with a new team in 2022, he has a much better group of pass-catchers around him and Michael Pittman appears to be poised for a significant breakout year. It also helps that the Colts have one of the most vicious offensive lines in the league and reigning NFL leading rusher Jonathan Taylor takes a lot of pressure off of the passing game.

There is a lot of hope in Indianapolis and a large part of the potential for success stems directly from Ryan’s performance this fall. In addition, the 15-year veteran brings a new sense of leadership to the locker room and the gridiron.

Having played such a long career in the league already, Ryan’s presence will be a very important component for the Colts and a new mic’d up video provides a very cool look at his impact on the organization. Ryan was wearing a mic during training camp earlier this week and it provides a really unique look at a day in the life of one of the NFL’s longest-tenured veteran quarterbacks.

To watch him take over the huddle, breakdown coverages, and teach his young receivers how best to succeed is very insightful and super cool. Take a look: