The Arizona Cardinals Trolled Fantasy Football Owners On Twitter And ESPN’s Matthew Berry Went On A Heated Rant

Chase Edmonds Arizona Cardinals

Getty Image / Sarah Stier

The Arizona Cardinals were on the road in Week 7 of the 2019 NFL Season and they managed to beat the New York Giants 27-21 at Met Life Stadium primarily thanks to Chase Edmonds having a career-high 3 rushing touchdowns.

Chase Edmonds finishing the game with 126 rushing hards (27 attempts) and 3 TDs which is a dream day for any Fantasy Football owners out there. He also tacked on two receptions for 24 yards which was the icing on the cake in any PPR leagues.

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson is 1st on the depth chart. He is their RB1, their premier running back. The Cardinals took to Twitter to troll fans with a ‘you should’ve started Chase Edmonds’ tweet. I’m sure they thought it was funny. It is kind of funny if you’re not a Cardinals fan or someone who started David Johnson (he started in 97% of ESPN leagues).

Here’s that tweet:

This sent ESPN’s Fantasy Football guru Matthew Berry into a frenzy on his podcast where he put the Arizona Cardinals on blast in a heated rant about how David Johnson had practiced more and played more in the week leading up to this game compared to the week before his last game when he went off. Here’s that rant on Twitter:

He’s not wrong. This is like telling everyone to make Vegetarian Chili for a Chili Cook-Off and then showing up with Beef Chili on competition day, winning it all, and then laughing at everyone for not making Beef Chili, which tastes infinitely better, when you led everyone else to do something different.

If you can’t see that video embed from Twitter, you can access it directly here on Matthew Berry’s Twitter feed.

Charles Curtis of For The Win says this might just be Matthew Berry’s best podcast rant since Berry took his worst Fantasy Football loss ever back in 2018:

As you can imagine, everyone on Twitter let the Arizona Cardinals have it in their responses to that troll tweet:

I sincerely doubt the Arizona Cardinals care at all about these responses with regards to their injury report. They aren’t going to just miraculously change their team’s operating procedures because of people fuming about Fantasy Football but that doesn’t mean they’re not a bunch of asshats for their troll tweet about a topic they weren’t fully truthful on, at least not sharing the full picture.