Matthew Dellavedova Intentionally Dove Into Draymond Green’s Knees During Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

Matthew Dellavedova already has a bad reputation for diving into player’s knees. During the Eastern Conference Finals, Dellavedova dove for a ball and landed on Kyle Korver’s ankle. Korver was injured and was out for the rest of the series.

In the same series, Dellavedova dove at Al Horford’s knees, prompting Horford to elbow in the head.

After that game, Horford said he felt Dellavedova was intentionally trying to injure players.

Now, during Game 3 of the NBA Finals — after Draymond Green hit Dellavedova with what looked to be an illegal screen — Delly intentionally dove into Draymond Green’s knees.

Once or twice can be a coincidence. But a third time? Charm.

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H/T SB Nation